The making of… “Bad Bitch” by Liu Khang


So there I was, scrolling through Instagram one day––minding my own business. When all of a sudden something caught my eye. It was a video: a video of a little Asian girl spitting straight BARS at some club in Kansas City. Her name was Liu Khang; I fell in love on the spot.

After months of adoration from afar, I decided to slide into her DM’s. At this point it was early June and I was finishing up dotting the last i’s on my Milk Chocolate Productions LLC filing documents. I found out Liu Khang was actually doing a show in Des Moines so I hit her up and asked if I could steal her for a couple hours to shoot a music video. She agreed.

Of the songs she gave me to work with, “Bad Bitch” jumped out at me. In addition to the sick flow, I could already tell that the beat would be super fun to edit to.


After we got the song picked out and the script/storyboard all drawn up, I worked on getting the shoot in order. We wanted to shoot in a kitchen, but it needed to be the right one.

I drove all around Des Moines, asking every restaurant, community center and shared kitchen I could find for a couple hours of their time to shoot a “rap video.” Nothing.

Eventually I got into contact with a gentleman who worked for the Justice League of Food (JLF)––a local nonprofit working to teach homeless Iowans how to cook sustainably. From there, we booked a 7AM shoot at The Hall/The Foundry in West Des Moines, where the JLA does most of their work.


7AM. My small crew, Liu Khang and I are all hanging out in the parking lot. We tried to get in but the doors were locked. I called the JLA rep who, conveniently, forgot that was today. So we waited till about 8AM for him to finally show up and unlock for us.

We had to work fast. The Hall had chefs coming in around 9:30AM to prep for lunch PLUS there was another wave of people using the kitchen for the local farmer’s market. We got about halfway through our shoot before chefs started filing in…early.Paragraph

Apparently the JLA rep forgot to mention to the kitchen staff what we were doing that day so we were politely asked to leave. We shot what we could with the remaining 15-20 minutes, then got out of everyone’s hair. We shot the rest in the field outside the space and back at the frat house I was living that summer.


I edited “Bad Bitch” like a mad man, getting the whole thing done in about 18 hours. I woke up early and cranked it out in a day (and a half). It got so bad at one point that now my two roommates know every word to the song.

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