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The making of… “Bad Bitch” by Liu Khang

THE SLIDE So there I was, scrolling through Instagram one day––minding my own business. When all of a sudden something caught my eye. It was a video: a video of a little Asian girl spitting straight BARS at some club in Kansas City. Her name was Liu Khang; I fell in love on the spot. After months of adoration from afar, I decided to slide into her DM’s. At this point it was early JuneContinue reading

The making of…”The Call” by Teller Bank$

When I approached Teller Bank$ about collaborating on a music video, he laid out his ground rules. No lip-syncing. He said that it’s out of character for him to lip-sync in videos, and wanted to tell his story through action, not gimmicks. Chronicle the come up. At the end of the day, “The Call” (and the other songs off his album) tell the story of Teller Bank$ coming out of a rough situation and makingContinue reading

HYPE: Vol. 2 (11/9) New venue, new voices.

On November 9th, xBk––the exciting new live-music venue in Dogtown, DSM––hosted the second installment of their HYPE concert series. The concert featured touring artists Frank Knight, R.Q.Tek and DJ J-Ronin (all of whom hail from the venue’s namesake [B]roo[k]lyn, NY). Knight and Tek shared the stage for each other’s sets, and got the whole crowd (albeit an intimate one) pumped and on their feet. After the NYC boys concluded, several local acts took to theContinue reading

Starting Milk Chocolate Productions

Going into the summer of 2019, I had never shot a music video. I’d done commercial work, short films, etc.––all set to music––but never an actual music video. The closest I’d gotten to a music video was a probate video I did for an Alpha Kappa Alpha––Drake/ISU’s small but mighty black sorority. I cut it together with Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed” and Quavo’s “Ice Tray,” both of which were super fun to edit. The videoContinue reading