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Milk Chocolate Productions, LLC is a music video production company dedicated to promoting representation for artists of color in and around Des Moines, IA.

Liu Khang is a Vietnamese-American rapper from Kansas City, MO. Her video for “Bad Bitch” was the #1 Most Popular Video on for a month.

Liu Khang – “Bad Bitch” (Official Music Video)

Teller Banks is an African-American rapper from Des Moines, IA. His video for “The Call” charted on’s Most Popular Videos list, at one time hitting #1.

Teller Bank$ – “The Call” (Official Music Video)

Music videos are a great way for emerging, up and coming artists to blow up. By having one creative, thought out music video, artists can A. differentiate themselves and rise above the rest and B. put their own creative stamp on pop culture. In 2007 Soulja Boy released his music video for “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”.

The video was an early example of music video virility, and thrust Soulja Boy into the national spotlight––from which he hasn’t left since. Sure, the music video is cheesy and kinda stupid, but it’s memorable. Just sitting down and thinking through a video before shooting it can boast huge returns.

Milk Chocolate Productions, LLC, was founded as a part of the Lorentzen Student Hatchery––a summer-long business incubator at Drake University that grants a handful of student entrepreneurs the capital to start and grow their small businesses in Des Moines. Founded in June, the company has only been in operation for a little over four months.

Milk Chocolate Productions, LLC, is a music video production company dedicated to promoting representation for artists of color in and around Des Moines, IA. By putting a heavy emphasis on the writing, storytelling and pre-production of its projects, Milk Chocolate Productions seeks to do away with the notion that contemporary rap videos are all formulaic, underwhelming and uninspired. When not in production on a music videos, Milk Chocolate Productions also specializes in indoor/outdoor concert photography for local and touring acts.

The company was founded by Lucius Pham, a junior at Drake University double-majoring in Strategic Political Communication & Digital Media Production, with a minor in Theatre. Lucius grew up in rural Illinois; the only Asian-American kid in his school (and county), he recognized the value of representation in media/entertainment, and has devoted his academic/professional career to telling the stories of people of color.

He spent two years working as a reporter and photojournalist for the Galena Gazette in Galena, IL, and is currently employed as the program director for KDRA-LP 94.1 “The Dog,” a camera operator/technical director for ESPN3 and a board operator for Des Moines Radio Group.

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